It is necessary to schedule every visit  48 hours earlier. Call the phone number of the Hunting Association Novi Bečej : 023/771-076, every work day till 1pm or contact  the manager on the email:

The visit includes walking around the Reserve, along its western border , to the watchtower where you can observe birds. There are educational and information signs along the path. Professional service – a guide will be available for the visitors for more detail presentation of the Reserve. There is a visitor centre in the Reserve where you can get some promo material or see a painting  and  naturalistic exhibition.

Visitors can choose two paths for walking around the Reserve:

  1. a longer one that starts at the southern entrance (from Bašaid road) and it takes 45 – 60 minutes.
  2. a shorter one that starts at the northern entrance (from Kikinda and Novo Miloševo road) and it takes 20 minutes.

Visitors fees are regulated by the Decisions on fees for SNR Slano Kopovo.

Price tickets:

  1. Tickets for adults: 100,00 rsd
  2. Children under 18: 50,00 rsd

These categories are free from paying entrance: the population of Novi Bečej, employed in Hunting association NB, individuals who conduct work or business in the Reserve, persons with disabilities and special needs, children under 8 and retired over 70.