By the regulation of the Government of Republic Serbia, published in the Official Gazette of the RS on 28th December 2001, Hunting Association  Novi Bečej has been appointed as the management of the Special Reserve Slano Kopovo. That means the manager ensures implementation of the enacted protection regime, conservation and maintenance of the natural resource; secures the marking of the natural resource, internal order and security guard service; brings medium-term and annual protection programs and  ensures their implementation. By adoption of the act about internal order and security guard service, the manager additionally controls the visitors, and their movement and stay in the area; the use of buildings and surrounding; putting the information and other signs; organizes educational programmes; develops sustainable tourism; provides the implementation of scientific research, upbringing and educational activities, cultural, information and promotion activities and many more.

Hunting Association  premises are in 29 Sonje Marinković street in Novi Bečej.

Phone number: 023/771-076