Protection Regime

Total area of the Reserve is 976,4489 ha. In the area of SNR Slano Kopovo three-stage protection regime has been established. It is forbidden in the whole area to:

  1. conduct the hydrological improvement works (drilling wells, construction of canals and irrigation systems); construction and other works, except those which are in the function of improvement ecology conditions.
  2. research and implement other works that can change basic characteristics of the habitat.
  3. build anything but shepherd’s huts and sheepfolds.
  4. take pigs for grazing.
  5. engage in deforestation.
  6. dump and throw out garbage.
  7. hunt, except the sanitary fox hunting.

In the area of the first protection degree, environmental protecting measures, determined by law, and the special measures for improving natural resources are implemented. A strict protection is established: scientific works and activities are restricted, as well as monitoring the natural processes, controlling the number of visits  intended for  educational and cultural purposes. The first degree covers the area of 217,1367 ha: Slano Kopovo Lake with the coastal reeds, and the Small Kopovo, i.e. Poštaš Kopovo.

In the area of the second protection degree, it is forbidden to:

  1. collect specimens and development forms of plant and animal species, except for the scientific and protection needs and with the special permission.
  2. destroy vegetation, except when the purpose of destruction is improving new vegetation, respectively, to initially set the ecological balance.
  3. carry out grazing and to take other cattle in the area of 100m around the lake, in period of nesting and hatching birds, from the 1st April to 1st
  4. mow the grass till the 15th
  5. bring in allochthonous (alien) species.

The area of the second protection degree is the area of fields and pastures in the north and the south of Reserve and between Slano and Small Kopovo. It’s 220,0667 ha.

In the area of the third protection degree there is gradually returning agricultural areas, which stand between Slano and Small Kopovo, into the fields and pastures; reducing the number of foxes; regulating the movement of people and vehicles; regenerating the reeds by cutting or burning; limiting the use of fertilizes and chemical plant protection products. This third degree area includes agricultural plough land and its 539,2455 ha.

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